What determines your Voice Type?

Have you ever wondered why your voice sounds the way it does? Think of a voice type as a series of ingredients mixed together to create a unique-tasting dessert. For singing, the ingredients combine to create a unique-sounding voice. The four common voice types are soprano, mezzo-soprano(often called mezzo), tenor, and bass. These five ingredients determine […]

Rudiments (i)

Single stroke A stroke performs a single percussive note. There are four basic single strokes. double stroke A double stroke consists of two single strokes played by the same hand (either RRorLL). diddle A diddle is a double stroke played at the current prevailing speed of the piece. For example, if […]


Singing Exercises & Scales Stand with your shoulders relaxed, arms by your side. Breath in slowly. Start with the Scales singing Ooh, Eee, Aa, Aah to each scale.   Sing one note, holding the note for as long as you can without becoming short of breath. Do NOT suck in your […]