As simple as this may sound, I get disappointed when I meet pianist who has spent years playing the piano and yet they lack the basic fundamentals of chords. In this post we’re going to explore the foundation of piano chords “Notes create scales, scales create chords, chords create progressions, and […]


An “interval” in music is simply distance between two tones. Just like inches, feet, yards, and meters describe distance in physical spaces, intervals like “half steps” and “whole steps” describe distance in music. “Half steps” are from key to key with no keys in between, “Whole steps” always skip a key […]

Analyzing Subsidiary Chords

You might have heard about subsidiary chords and you were like “OMG”…. those must be heavenly chords…… i was once in those shoes before……without taking much of your time and bore you with long talks i will like to analyse subsidiary chords and prove to you that it is nothing difficult […]