Advanced Linear Tri-p-let Fill

This lesson is a simple advanced drum lesson for those who practically understand how triplets function.


In this video lesson, we will infusing the use of the triplet in combination with the kick drum and  our floor Tom.

The stickings are below:


They are all lines up together simply because it’s a Linear Fill.

Remember, in mathematics linear equations are different from quadratic equations same applies here.

Explanation on the (Lk)RL.

The (Lk)RL pattern is played combining the Hihats and the Floor Tom together  starting off by playing the Hihats with the LeftHand and playing the Kick drum on every L and R accent.

That’s where the major beauty of the fill is brought out. Meanwhile the LKRL is just a blueprint to work on. You can decide to add more to it to build up more.

Have fun around the fill and don’t forget to share it with someone who might need it.


Happy drumming.