(errrrrm…Before we start…this post doesn’t in any way ask you to neglect good advice from frontiers)
With that said…

Opinions of “HIGHER POWERS”

We’ve all been a victim of this particular One at some particular point in time. I mean…you could be there doing your best,giving your all, trying to do as much good as you can, then one “higher power” will just come and destabilize you, discourage you or totally make you consider quitting.
You see, what A Popular Drummer/Person/Musician or what have you says about you is NOT! automatically correct.
What they say should NEVER become your reality simply because they’re “supposed” to know better.

(And this is if it be the Good Stuff or the Bad Stuff. Compliments from those “who should know” can mislead too.)
Let’s Look at some examples…
Let’s say a “Mairo” (Tim Godfrey) went for a “ Don Moen” Audition…
“a Don Moen” would probably go…
Don: “hmm… well, you’re a good drummer. You’re trying…but I find you too loud and noisy. I mean, you’ve hit those cymbals like eight times in two bars of music. What I’m looking for is a drummer that’s a little more mature.”
Or if “a Jared Falk” (Drumeo) went for a Tim Godfrey Audition…
“Tim Godfrey” would probably go…
Tim: “Hmmmmmm that was nice. You’re really coming up. But what I’m looking for is a drummer that can drive the band. Like a drummer with a punch(punches his fist). You don’t play with the punch I’m looking for and you know I have a crazy Keyboardist. Your drumming would be limiting to him……and to us…..as a band. I Love you bro but No. Thanks for coming.
Hehehehe… you get the Gist? Of course Yeah!
A lot of things are wrong with the Judgements.
So these are just examples…. But it shows you that “folks that should know” can be wrong.
Thus it is NOT true that what a popular name or person says is “auto correct”
Higher powers can be sincere yet wrong.
Influential people can be sincere yet wrong.
I mean…I have heard of Music Directors of “Big Churches” that said the difference between a Musician and an Instrumentalist is that one can read music and the other can’t.
Like yeah…Balderdash
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