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 There have been questions raised at different levels concerning certain things about the drum and her drummers which “Getting and determining the TONE is a major concern for Drummers who want to be distinct in their playing” can’t be left out of the discussion.

In this instructional guideline, we will be discussing How to get and determine your tone on the drums as a DRUMMER.Having said that lets go ahead and explain some things.

Firstly, what is a TONE (“musically”) as regards Drumming?

 A TONE is said to be defined as the depth, level of sound clarity and pitch (either high or low) at which the drum sound is being processed by an individual’s ear.

For any individual to get his or her own particular tone out of his kit is personally based on how and what he wants to hear and how he/she is comfortable with the sound produced from the kit which must be at least audible and pleasant to the hearing of a certain group of people that listens to it.

Now, this tone is can be basically picked by practically tuning without amplification before mastering it. Every drummer has a particular type of sound they love to hear out of their kit. But what if the drum you are given at a gig doesn’t give you that? That’s where and why each personality must have a good adaptive EAR.

Getting this TONE has to do with knowing 6 basic things observed from my research and knowledge?


To be continued in the next lesson…

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