Introduction to the SIX-STROKE ROLL

The usefulness of the popular rudiment known as “SIX-STROKE ROLL” cannot but be over-emphasized in the rudiment family.

The six-stroke roll is a combination of the R and L basically.

We will be infusing more at the next lesson showing how to incorporate the Kick(K).

Meanwhile, for a start we are focusing on R and L.

The six-stroke roll is basically written/played in 2 major ways below:


They are best played in the 16th note subdivision.

The six-stroke roll is mostly played and applied in the 6/8 time signature. Making reference to Calvin Rodgers playing the six-stroke roll regularly in different ways.


Lets go dwell on this introduction this week and absorb the six-stroke roll rudiments.

Please note if you are learning a new rudiment,lick,fill or anything always start at a LOW BPM as 60 BPM and increase it gradually as your make progress.