Do you get bored playing your only Chord Movements for too long? With the diminished scales, you can add flavour to your movements and sound more melodious.

What are Diminished Scales?

They are scales played majorly over a Diminished Chord. If you don’t know what a diminished chord is, check out my posts on CHORDS here. Diminished Chords are symmetrical, so technically we have only 3 Diminished Chords while the rest are like inversions.

I will talk about 3 of these scales, then you can figure the remaining following what i said above.

1) key C  – C   D   Eb    F   Gb  Ab  A  B

Fingering-  1.2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 1. 3


used over C Dim:  C, Eb, Gb, A

Used over these Dominant chords also:  B7, D7, F7, Ab7


2)  key Db– Db  Eb    E     Gb     G    A    Bb    C

Fingering–      2.   3.    1.    3.   1.  2.   3.    1


Used over Db Dim-  Db,  Bb,  Gb,  E

Used over these dom 7 chords – C7, Eb7, Gb7, A7


3) key D–   D   E   F   G   Ab   Bb  B  Db

Fingering–  1     2  3.   1.    2.    3.   1.   3

Used over D dim – D, F, Ab, B

Used over these Dom 7 chords  Db7, E7, G7, B7


Use these scales to add flavour to your playing.

Any questions? Drop them below!!

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