YES! You Can Play Drum Fills Like a Pro |101

Have you ever wondered how Great Drummers such as Aaron Spear sound so entertaining and professional? It might shock you to know that your application of Drum fills is very important as a Drummer. This lesson is for all level (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

We have been discussing rudiments and its application. Now, we will be discussing about a very important part of the applications known as DRUM FILLS.

A major part of drumming that every beginner or intermediate drummer finds hard or looks at it like magic, but guess what?  it’s not magic.

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They are simple applications which we will treat at this very moment.

Firstly, those videos and those things done in them are not magic and you can do it. Once you have this mindset that you can do it. Then you are good to go.

Now, in this lesson we will be talking about those things and they are called “DRUM FILLS”.

What is a Drum Fill?

A drum fill is a combination of rudiments played to end a section of a piece of music or start a section of any part of the music. A drum fill could be in form of singles, doubles or six stroke rolls.

Like we discussed about rudiments. Whatever fill that is played in any music is a combination of RUDIMENTS which means Rudiments cannot be overemphasized as long as drumming is concerned.

This is an introduction to drum fills. We will be discussing applications in the next lesson.

Drum fills are important aspects of any piece of music whereby if they are wrongly applied can destroy the interpretation of the music or destroy the message which the piece of music is meant to pass across. This means when playing fills the genre of music being played MUST be strictly considered.

Drum fills can be played only on the snare or could be spread around the kit. As mentioned earlier it could either be singles or any type of rudiment but the Genre must be strictly considered.

Importance of Drum fills:

  1. It creates a path way to the next part of the music.
  2. It enhances the flow of the audience.
  3. It creates an atmosphere of balance in every part of the music.
  4. It gives new ideas of how a particular groove can improve.
  5. It helps improve in creativity.

In the next Lesson, we will be treating applications of these drum fills. There you will learn how to be magical in your music and creative.

Feel free to drop your questions and comments.

If you have not read my posts on rudiments, check out some of them here