Hi Guys, Its been a while here.. I apologize for the break. I will continue the series on PIANO CHORDS. If you are new here, you can check out the previous topic in the series here. In this lesson, we will be looking at the Half Diminished Seventh Chords, Dominant Seventh Chords, Augmented Seventh Chords and the Minor-Major Seventh Chords.

Chord Type:​Half­Diminished seventh chord

Scale Formula:​1+♭3+♭5+♭7

Interval Formula:​minor third + minor third + major third

Notes in C:​C + Eb + Gb + Bb

*Unlike the Diminished seventh chord, the half­diminished chord is a little more watered down and gets a major third up top (giving us a regular Bb instead of Bbb).

C + (minor third) = C + Eb

Eb + (minor third) = Eb + Gb

Gb + (major third) = Gb + Bb

Combine all intervals: C + Eb + Gb + Bb


Chord Type:​Dominant seventh chord

Scale Formula:​1+3+5+b7

Interval Formula:​major third + minor third + minor third

Notes in C:​C + E + G + Bb

C + (major third) = C + E

E + (minor third) = E + G

G + (minor third) = G + Bb

Combine all intervals: C + E + G + Bb


Chord Type:​Augmented seventh chord (aka – “Augmented dominant seventh chord”)

Scale Formula:​1+3+#5+b7

Interval Formula:​major third + major third + diminished third

Notes in C:​C + E + G# + Bb

*This one is very similar to the dominant seventh chord, except the 5th degree is raised. This chord

is not to be confused with the major augmented seventh chord. A diminished third takes a minor

third and lowers it once again. This is where understanding generic intervals really helps you.

C + (major third) = C + E

E + (major third) = E + G#

G# + (diminished third) = G# + Bb

Combine all intervals: C + E + G# + Bb

Chord Type:​Minor­-major seventh chord

Scale Formula:​1+♭3+5+7

Interval Formula:​minor third + major third + major third

Notes in C:​C + Eb + G + B

*This chord gives you the beginning of a minor triad (C+Eb) but the ending of a major seventh chord


C + (minor third) = C + Eb

Eb + (major third) = Eb + G

G + (major third) = G + B

Combine all intervals: C + Eb + G + B

I hope this lesson has expand your theory on Piano Chords, feel free to drop your questions or comments..

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