Looool…The struggle with this one is Real!
I mean….even you can relate na… .
As drummers, we have come to believe over time and wildly so, that a Drum Shed is a Competition.
Matter of Fact we can be looking at a post that says Drum Shed! Drum Shed! and our brains would be reading it as Drum Off!! Drum Off!! .
No be so?
In fact, that’s how you probably read it in your subconscious .
Well, according to the_Oparachukwu(2017), “To Shed is to enjoy yourself independent of any direct musical connotations. To shed, is to enjoy a considerable level of liberty that any other musical situations may not necessarily provide for”.

So there you have it…a Drum Shed is not a Competition AT ALL…at all.
As a matter of fact, if you ever find yourself competing at a Drum Shed, that’s all the evidence you need that you’re at the wrong event .
You see, I love positive competition and if you desired to compete, trust me there is an abundance of avenues that cater for that e.g The Annual Drum Off by Guitar Center, Campus Drum Off in Akure here in Nigeria, several other Talent Hunt and Skill Exposition Programs etc.
When you go to attend a Shed, go there to get entertained and if you can, learn a thing or two.
When you go to perform at a Shed, go there to entertain and enjoy yourself in front of an adoring crowd, not compete.
Can I shock you? The reality of the whole thing is if it was a real competition, you wouldn’t even be able to enjoy yourself.
Thus it is NOT true that a Shed is a Competition.
If you’re enjoying yourself in a competition, you’re in the wrong competition.
If you’re competing at a Shed, you’re at the wrong event.
Hope this finds you well…