About 4yrs ago I was practicing scales and modes, cramming a whole lots and getting myself confused. While searching and sourcing for the best way I can go about playing scales without burdening myself with having to cram or put on my head a hundred scales, their notes and patterns, something […]


As simple as this may sound, I get disappointed when I meet pianist who has spent years playing the piano and yet they lack the basic fundamentals of chords. In this post we’re going to explore the foundation of piano chords “Notes create scales, scales create chords, chords create progressions, and […]


  (N.B: Every definition or terms used in this material is an intellectual property of Otitoju Olumide. Meanwhile any other external intellectual property or knowledge if used will be referenced).  There have been questions raised at different levels concerning certain things about the drum and her drummers which “Getting and determining […]


An “interval” in music is simply distance between two tones. Just like inches, feet, yards, and meters describe distance in physical spaces, intervals like “half steps” and “whole steps” describe distance in music. “Half steps” are from key to key with no keys in between, “Whole steps” always skip a key […]

Advanced Linear Tri-p-let Fill

This lesson is a simple advanced drum lesson for those who practically understand how triplets function.   In this video lesson, we will infusing the use of the triplet in combination with the kick drum and  our floor Tom. The stickings are below: RLR KK RL KK RLR (Lk)RL (Lk)RL (Lk)RL […]

What determines your Voice Type?

Have you ever wondered why your voice sounds the way it does? Think of a voice type as a series of ingredients mixed together to create a unique-tasting dessert. For singing, the ingredients combine to create a unique-sounding voice. The four common voice types are soprano, mezzo-soprano(often called mezzo), tenor, and bass. These five ingredients determine […]

Jazz Guitar(i)[ Scales & Nodes]

Love them or hate them, scales are an important tool in the improvisational vocabulary of jazz guitarists in any stage of their development. Learning to play scales and applying them to chord progressions will allow you to comfortably navigate common jazz chord changes, helping to build confidence and encourage you to explore more complex […]