Can you be that professional saxophonist?

Becoming a professional Saxophonist is obviously not a day job but it can be achieved by fulfilling certain requirements. Listed below are 12 things to keep in mind in becoming a professional saxophonist (an excerpt from… They are really helpful and insightful.

  1. Being a great player should go without saying, but will only carry you so far. Be a good person, too.
  2. Make any sacrifices necessary to play with musicians better than you.
  3. Be humble, but do the work required to be confident in your abilities.
  4. Make every situation you play in better because of your contribution. This means knowing what and when NOT to play, too.
  5. Tone is job number one. If that’s not great nothing else matters.
  6. Be a listener first; player second.
  7. Details matter. A lot. Never cut corners.
  8. Have (at least) a rough idea where and what you hope to be doing 10 years from now. Make decisions that lead toward that. Otherwise, life will make them for you.
  9. Never burn a bridge.
  10. Be careful what you say yes to; they’ll ask you to do more of it.
  11. Pay attention to money! Respect and manage it or it will teach you to respect it by managing you.
  12. Everyone gets the same number of hours in a day. What will you do with yours?                    @Adetunji_Lightwon.