Hi Guys,

In continuation to the previous post about “Getting and Determining your Tone as a Drummer”

We only listed the 6 ways and not defined and went into details .

In this lesson we will talk more about each point.


  • Technique: this has to do with a HOW something is being done. Which implies that how you hit the drums when a particular sound is needed determines how you will sound. The way you will sound will differ from the way another person will sound regardless of how they are amplified, tuned, distuned or not. The way and method you hit determines. All other 5 factors now are embedded in this “technique”


  • Hearing Ability: this has to do with how well an individual’s ears have been trained and personally designed to adapt to the sound that his personality agrees with… whether we like it or not our body system reacts to the environment which sound is also involved in.


  • Surround acoustics: setting to get your desired tone in any environment or hall is also determined by your ability to adjust to the acoustics of that particular room….whether you like it or not….the acoustics has a larger part to play on your sound … for example: playing in a big concert hall with enough echo. By hearing you know you don’t need resonance even at a minimal level. That said…. adjust your tone by playing in accordance to the room acoustics.


  • Type of drumhead: every drummer that wants to be successful in getting his/her tone must have a proper way of selecting that particular drumhead that gives him what he desires. All drumheads cannot give you the same sound you want. Select the drum head that gives you what you need and what pleases you.


  • Tuning: there’s no right or wrong way to tune as said. Tune to the perfect pitch and level suitable to your ears and check with a few group of people if around for a level of certainty if you are to setup for a concert where u will or might be having many drummers whereby you have to tune generally. Don’t be selfish. But if on a personal level whereas you are the only drummer for the event then you can tune to taste.


  • Drumsticks tip selection: Many drummers tend to jump on any stick they find new in the market or price range let me say but as a matter of fact the TYPE and TIP of your sticks have a large role to play as regards you setting and getting that tone you desire or you want. You don’t want to have a deep and heavy tone on your drums and be using a 7A drumstick with nylon tip and expect to sound like MOSTICKS or SNICKY LAO.

Recommended for those who want the heavy tone out of their drums is the OVAL and TEARDROP tip. Go check out the drummers you know that have that deep tone, check their drumstick tips.

Select the perfect tip for the perfect tone you want.

In conclusion, the greatest way to find your tone is to have a good listening ear and habit


Otitoju Olumide (Jesustickz)