Introduction to Rudiments

In this lesson which is just an introduction, we will be looking the first 5 rudiments that are highly recommended for any drummer. Firstly, we must understand that in any given field of profession the starter or introductory class is always the best place to start which one will never stop […]


When it comes to music, there are many and different analysis and school of thoughts. Scales are believed by many professionals as well as many masters of the craft as the best approach to soloing. I believe and accept the approach as it had worked for even myself to a certain […]

Introduction to the SIX-STROKE ROLL

The usefulness of the popular rudiment known as “SIX-STROKE ROLL” cannot but be over-emphasized in the rudiment family. The six-stroke roll is a combination of the R and L basically. We will be infusing more at the next lesson showing how to incorporate the Kick(K). Meanwhile, for a start we are […]

Can you be that professional saxophonist?

Becoming a professional Saxophonist is obviously not a day job but it can be achieved by fulfilling certain requirements. Listed below are 12 things to keep in mind in becoming a professional saxophonist (an excerpt from… They are really helpful and insightful. Being a great player should go without saying, but […]