(errrrrm…Before we start…this post doesn’t in any way ask you to neglect good advice from frontiers) With that said… Opinions of “HIGHER POWERS” We’ve all been a victim of this particular One at some particular point in time. I mean…you could be there doing your best,giving your all, trying to do […]


You Don’t Practice A Drum Solo?? Hehehehe …. So I’ve heard this particular one several times and from very reputable drummers at that. But it’s not entirely accurate that you shouldn’t plan/practice a drum solo. A drum solo can come very well practiced, and very well rehearsed. Thoroughly rehearsed! Aaron Spears‘ […]

PIANO CHORDS (3): Seventh Piano Chords

Now that you’ve gotten a comprehensive look at how to form intervals, scales, and foundational  chords, let’s take it a step further by expanding our chords. If you are new in this series. Check out the previous lessons.. PIANO CHORDS 1: THE FOUNDATION OF CHORDS    OR PIANO CHORDS 2: DIMINISHED AND AUGMENTED CHORDS We will be studying the below 7th chords but in this lesson, we will discuss the first four Major seventh chord Minor seventh chord Diminished seventh chord Augmented major seventh chord Half­-Diminished seventh chord […]